changingworldChanging Ourselves, Changing the World

Gary Reiss Ph.D

New Falcon Press

Most people feel disturbed by the political and social problems we see every day, yet, at the same time, we feel helpless to solve them. We feel even more disturbed as we see ourselves and others giving up our personal power in a futile attempt to solve these problems. We give our power away to politicians who accomplish little or nothing as they serve their own narrow interests. Many people have become apathetic because the world situation is just too overwhelming. This book helps us to view the world situation in a way that is not overwhelming and offers ways for people to take back their power for personal growth and social change.

“This book offers important tools for facing some of today’s most pressing personal and social problems. Drawing from many sources, it contains a wealth of information to empower you to be an effective world-changer.”  – Arnold Mindell, Ph.D. founder of Process Oriented psychology, author of numerous books, including Working on Yourself Alone and The Quantum Mind and Healing

“Gary has rediscovered one of the deepest and most important teachings of universal human spiritual wisdom of the ancients: that our work in the world is nothing less than the work of creation. We are not the fixed product of past experience. A growing self-creating individual can break the ‘determinism’ of past behavior and become fully human. In such growing and changing, we establish freedom in our internal world, a prerequisite for repairing the world. Gary’s statement of this truth is marked by clarity and accessibility, expressed in a contemporary idiom which engages and address our souls, hearts and minds. Don’t miss reading this important and challenging work!”  – Rabbi Hanan Sills, Ph.D. Ad-Olam Synagogue Without Walls