A Process Oriented Approach to Unifying the Worlds of Money, Psychology and Spirituality


Dreaming Money“Dreaming Money, by Dr. Gary Reiss, shows us how we can live a life where money, passion, and meaning flow, and where we can manifest abundance and happiness, while taking care of the world. Dreaming Money brings back ancient mystical wisdom, and combines this with powerful psychological techniques to reveal the secrets as to how your dreams and dreamlike experiences can guide you down an easier, more direct path to wealth, and how to utilize this wealth to create more meaning in your life.

With today’s current economic crisis that has generated so much suffering and fear, these methods become even more relevant and useful for the average person. Our livelihood needs to be a central part of our spiritual path. Dreaming Money is based on the principles of Process-oriented Psychology, founded by Dr. Arnold Mindell. Process-oriented Psychology provides us with powerful tools that help us address material concerns on all levels—physical, emotional, and spiritual.”


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