Process Oriented Family Therapy and Community Based Healing


Families that Dream Together“With family life in such crisis, many political leaders say we should somehow go back and impose family values, but there is no going back. Nuclear families are no longer the majority in many Western cultures, and times have changed.”

Families that Dream Together offers a realistic method for our times that says with families challenged, blended, diverse, spread out across countries and the world, we need a method that helps families find the deeper myths and dreams, roots and wisdom of their connection.

Utilizing the tools of Process-oriented Psychology, and indigenous and Shamanic based traditions, Dr. Gary Reiss offers solutions for today’s most pressing family problems. He shows how families are together trying to find answers for society’s biggest challenges through new methods of inner work and meditation, relationship work, communication, and community based healing.

“This book will be helpful to professionals and anyone interested in understanding and working with family issues. Author Dr. Gary Reiss uses Process–oriented Family Therapy to help families facing ongoing challenges of relationship in modern life. His work on community-based-healing reminds us of the importance and power communities can have in supporting family healing and development.”  – Dr. Arnold Mindell, founder Process-oriented Psychology


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