A New View of Awareness, Healing, and Hope

co-authored with Dr. Pierre Morin MD. Ph.D.

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inside-coma-cover“Exciting scientific discoveries are validating what coma therapists Dr. Pierre Morin and Dr. Gary Reiss have been teaching for years: that coma patients’ awareness is both detailed and complex, and their chances of significant recovery is much greater than previously thought. Inside Coma: A New View of Awareness, Healing, and Hope describes practical, body-centered ways of communicating with coma patients, showing family members and caregivers how to enter the patient’s inner world of experience to engage their will and power to heal.

Advocating for a new, ethical sensitivity that gives patients in remote and comatose states a right to exist, the authors explain the newest developments in the cutting-edge treatment of coma patients through a mind-body approach to medicine and healing, placing these developments in the context of the changing field of consciousness studies. They teach, challenge, and inspire readers to a new level of understanding, compassion, and intervention, offering basic tools with which health-care professionals and family members alike can begin this remarkably effective work.”

“Drs. Morin and Reiss share their unique experience of working with people in coma. Their book is exciting to read, full of valuable information and an important contribution to the growing field of process-oriented coma work. With their powerful mix of theory, client stories of remarkable journeys, and easy-to-follow exercises, the reader is taken into the world inside coma. It helps professionals and caregivers relate with people in coma, and with their own internal states. We highly recommend it.”  – Drs. Amy & Arnold Mindell Authors of Coma, A Healing Journey, and Coma, Key to Awakening