Leap into Living: Moving from Fear to FreedomLeap Into Living—Moving Beyond Fear to Freedom

by Gary Reiss LCSW, Ph.D.

In Leap Into Living—Moving Beyond Fear to Freedom, psychotherapist Gary Reiss Ph.D., draws on his extensive knowledge of spiritual and psychological teachings to help us regain the essential freedom that is our human birthright.

Anxiety and fear are rampant in today’s world. Many of us live constricted lives, frightened to take a leap into the way we dream of living. Behind this widespread reluctance to take risks and live fully, we often find the fear of death.

Great spiritual traditions have long known that becoming free to live our dreams requires addressing the intimately connected fears of living and of dying.

Leap into Living brings forth the essence of diverse spiritual traditions such as Taoism, Buddhism, and Judaism, as well as drawing extensively upon the author’s expertise in process-oriented psychology. In a clear storyteller’s style, Gary Reiss shows how people from all walks of life have used essential spiritual teachings to live and die more freely. He includes his own personal journey from anxiety to increased freedom, as well as case examples from his practice as a psychotherapist. Step-by-step exercises empower readers to lessen their fears of living and dying.

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