Love Power and Wisdom_cover copyIn Love, Power, and Wisdom, psychotherapist, Process Work teacher, and conflict facilitator Gary Reiss shows us how to cultivate more love for ourselves, our relationships, the Earth, and our world. Integrating Process- Oriented Psychology, Aikido, and other psychological and spiritual traditions, Reiss demonstrates that the ancient polarities of love and power can be unified into a new kind of Love—an integration that is full of deep wisdom. Beginning with self-love as the guiding spark in this exploration of love’s power, Reiss shows us how to then expand that love of self into the broader realms of relationship love, loving humanity, and loving the Divine, ultimately exploring how each of us can connect to the energy and healing of an infinite Love. Love, Power, and Wisdom is full of exercises and stories that illustrate and illuminate this wisdom-based path, helping us learn how to love fully with our minds, bodies, and spirits.

“In Love Power and Wisdom, Gary Reiss takes us on a personal, in depth journey into our own connection to self-love, relationship love, spiritual love, and loving the earth and the world. Love Power and Wisdom is full of exercises that give us access to methods for enlivening our relationships on all levels, and to holding and facilitating our world’s issues.” – Arnold Mindell, PhD, author of Process Mind: A User’s Guide to Connecting with the Mind of God