Process-Oriented Transformational Facilitation and Leadership
Training for Organizations

Transformative organizations are not only financially successful but also create working environments that are positive, supportive, and affirming. Most of us spend much of our lives at work, and yet too many of us accept that dysfunctional organizations are the norm. Job satisfaction increases employee wellbeing, leading to greater productivity and achievement of organizational goals. Transformative organizations prioritize the creation of highly functional environments, aiming to transform both their workers lives and the world for the better—all while encouraging a sense of ease throughout the accomplishment of these goals.

Process-Oriented Transformational Facilitation focuses on developing the basic skills and meta-skills necessary for effective organizational facilitation and development: how to cultivate leadership, how to resolve conflict, how to work with diversity and other challenging issues, and how to foster a work climate that replaces burnout with enrichment and invigoration—these are a few among the many tools in our kit. Process Work also has created a method called “721 Feedback” that increases the odds that feedback can be given and received in ways that produce the desired results.

Meta-skills are feeling-based, relationship-based skills that allow the tasks of leadership and organizational life to flow more smoothly. These skills include directness, compassion and empathy, fluidity and flexibility, awareness, and openness to feedback. Meta-skills determine how we do what we do, guiding our manner and overall approach to people and situations.


Process-Oriented Transformational Facilitation empowers organizations to do the following:

  • draw closer to the visions and values that drive their work
  • address issues of rank and power to build cooperative working relationships
  • embrace diversity
  • embrace, work with, and transform conflict
  • create working environments that energize rather than burn out employees
  • increase physical and psychological health at work
  • give feedback and criticism in ways that create the desired changes
  • make transitions flow smoothly while enacting small and/or major changes
  • infuse fun, passion, and meaningfulness into the workplace
  • develop leaders that embody all of these transformative principles


We offer a variety of approaches:

  • one-on- one coaching
  • relationship conflict facilitation
  • management consulting
  • crisis intervention
  • open forums and group processes with either the organization as a whole or in part
  • follow-up and ongoing support
  • Healing History (an ongoing Process-Oriented Transformational Facilitation project) for regions and countries


We have helped organizations of all sizes and structures: nonprofits, small and family-owned businesses, for-profit companies and international corporations, communities, cities, and even entire countries entangled in war. Whether the source of the conflict is race, gender, religion, territory, or any other among the vast array of issues facing individuals, businesses, groups, and regions in the world today, we are ready and willing to work at all levels of intensity and scale and committed to helping the world—one person, one business, one group at a time—find positive ways to move forward.


Program Director

Gary Reiss, PhD, a Certified Process Trainer and director of the Process-Oriented Transformational Facilitation program, staffs our team with experts that are relevant to the wide variety of situations we address. Dr. Reiss has more than thirty-five years’ experience in this field and has worked with organizations of all sizes and kinds in settings both national and international. The author of ten books that have helped many people and organizations transform their lives, he continues to both work and teach worldwide in more than sixteen countries. Gary has worked on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict for over nineteen years. He is the founder of the Healing History Project in Europe.