Gary is a LCSW, PhD in Integrative Studies with a specialization in Process Oriented Psychology and Conflict Resolution, with a private counseling practice for individuals, couples and families.

His specialties include the psychology of body symptoms; relationship work and sex therapy; family issues; working with teenagers and their families; death and dying; spiritual crisis; and extreme psychological states. He has counseling offices in both Eugene and Portland, Oregon.

Along with his mentor and colleague Dr. Arny Mindell, Gary is a leading pioneer in developing process oriented coma work: a gentle, non-invasive method for contacting and communicating with clients and helping utilize the experiences they are having, based on the assumption that all states of consciousness are meaningful and can be worked with.

Gary travels worldwide to work with people who are in coma, or recovering from head injury, stroke, and other forms of brain injury, and is also available for phone consultations about people in coma, and to provide training to caretakers and families/friends of clients in comatose states.

As a facilitator, Gary leads town forums on topical and often contentious community issues, both locally and internationally. He also works with business, government, spiritual and non-profit groups, guiding organizational development and conflict resolution.

Gary is a certified Process Work trainer, regularly developing and teaching classes and seminars which apply process awareness concepts to subjects as diverse as addictions, sexuality and spirituality, trauma work, and money.


“Reiss and his Worldwork methods helped move the conflict from potential violence to further negotiations, and finally a resolution acceptable to all sides.” ¬†-Arab Israeli Palestinian local political leader.