A Dreambody Approach to Love, Sex, and Ecstasy


The Dance of Sex“In The Dance of Sex: A Dreambody Approach to Love, Sex, and Ecstasy, author Dr. Gary Reiss addresses the need for a new sexual revolution based on awareness, connection, ecstasy, and love, which integrates the best of sex therapy, relationship work, and spiritual approaches to sexuality including Tantra.

Reiss’s approach offers simple non-threatening, powerful methods based on the Dreambody work of Process-oriented Psychology, which provides practical tools useful both at home and at the therapist’s office. Reiss’s methods have already helped hundreds of couples who had previously tried numerous other approaches to get their intimate and sex life flowing again. His approach has enabled them to move beyond problems and into healing and ecstasy. This book is filled with stories, tools, and exercises to help us explore the richness of our sexual potential.”


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